domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

To my girls.

Now I know. Beside everything I may be going true. I still got myself, my streangth, my power, my willing to go a lil bit further.
Now I know, still in crazy times, between nonsenses, still find a way to make everything smoothly and complete. Everything just worth the while
Now I really know that the person that I am today is thanks to everything I had gone through. Thats things may take the wrong direction sometimes, but it doesn't mean that I can't go to the place I really want to.
So this time, I am not writing for myself, not for my family...and not even for you hun. I am writing to my dear friends. People that change my life. People that along the way, one way or another keep always coming back. My greaters teachers and most humble students. My Family, my diaries, my bottled sorrows and my secrets keepers. To them with all the passion o my writing and all the love of my heart. One by one... I now dedicate you this:

To Cynthia: Baby, for making my life a lot easier when things went terribly wrong. For sharing FRIENDS with me, and laugh sitting awkwardly in my dinner table. For driving me crazy and to teach me how to handle the boys topic. For being my big sister, my mom and my best friend. Cause you are always my heart keeper. You always bring me joy. You always bring me peace. Cuz u r defenitely the God DAMN BEST FRIEND, that I could ever asked for. You never left my side. You never left my heart, always on my mind, like my own voice that I will never stop listening to. You are my true gift of God. No one could ever take your place. No one could ever tear us apart. You and me At the end, taught one another to grow up. Things for us were always hard. But I am positive, that It weren't for you...I will not be standing here. We will be us, and we will always have us. NO matter were we stand, were we live...No matter who will go by our side, hand... in our heart. We will prevale!!! My best friend forever and ever!.

To Renata: They say your worst friend tends to be your sister. I don't really know, how being such different people we think so alike sometimes. What I really do know is that in spite of everything that we had gone true till this day, I really love you. Because every night i laugh a lil bit of each silly comment that we always make, each proof of love that we often share, each triumph we accomplish and each fight we endure. Because "Pred" there is no one in this world who I would rather save a life with. There is no one in this world that I had more faith in that in YOU. Because you show me how to be patient, how to let go, and the meaning of just living the moment. Because through all this time, with out even noticing we have became truly into sisters. And believe it when I say that I will walk through hell with you If I had to. I will always be there.

To Maria Rosa: To my beautiful history freak, literature genious, esoteric fan, smart cookie. I may try to thank you for everything that we had gone through... but I will certainly fail. There is no need for me to tell you how much I love you. I know that you will go to France with me in your heart. And it's not easy for me to even begin to think about saying: See you later. For me it's been a true honor to stand by you, and be called your friend. Because hun you taught me, that I just have to breath and keep on going. I just have to let my heart to take me, and just let it flow. For me u will always be my chozi, in my heart i will cherish every momento of our journey together. We will have so much moments ahead to share. I KNOW IT

To Carla: For being my stubborn, sarcastic, best listener in the world. For give me unique laughs and know just the way to make me go into reason. I love everything that you do for me. For you being a friend is taking care of each other, not in the common classic way, but in your unique way. For showing your real self to me I will always carry you in my heart. No one else may know, how amazingly sweet and comprehensive you may be, but I am a fair witness of your kindness and your love. I love you deeply, and even sometimes I have only certain ways to show it, that may be not so correct, I will always care for you, whenever you need, wherever I will be. ALWAYS will be there for you.

To Susan: For sharing honesty and love. For having always the exact words beforehanded, for reading my mind in the trickiest moments. For having this spark that can keep me going whenever I am down. We share pasts alike, we have a bright future. Thank you so much, because we both taught eachother that there is more that one way to love, and there is more that one kind of love. Part of you, stay with me, you kinda stay with me!> Love ya sus!

To Nella: For your ideals, and your points of view. For our drunk and sober chats, for that occasionally cigarrette plus a beautiful talk. Cuz talking to you is like pouring myself out, because even if you don't buy it, you give me serenity, and always teach me a bigger glance of life. BESIDES EVERYTHING, because I love you endessly and although life doesn't show us the same path, we will choose always to find our way back to each other. You are so beautiful, and my only regret is haven't met you a longer time ago.

And to all my dear friends, who have show the way, I thank you now. Not because today I was wondering who much time is left for sharing things and making memories, but because I understood but regardless of time left in the same political space, we will be with each other. And my feeling will not change, and you always be impregnated not only in my heart but in words int his blog. I love you with my heart, I will be there with all my soul. Love you guys...

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