martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Chosing me over a guy

Growing up is hard. The single concept of chosing me over someone else amazes me more and more.

It's not a sin being selfish, what's it's really really wrong is always being the underdog. Not anymore.

I've been sad, anxious, discouraged for so long now....That it's time to stop playing house of the ruins of my life.

Rewind and play gabs...the thing now... That being sad and all...I have discovered a beautiful thing.

The thrilled phrase of loving someone beyond their imperfections has come to life in my life.

Estoy tan enamorada como una persona de mi edad pueda estarlo. That sweet sorrow is tearing me up inside. Eso que estuve esperando tanto tiempo que me hiciera sentir viva, eso que me hace feliz lo estoy descubriendo contigo sin estar contigo.

Sueño contigo, sueño conmigo...sueño con nosotros. Y no es malo... y no tengo miedo ya. Me demostraste ser mi compañero siempre...Siempre sera poco tiempo veras.

Because I remember your eyes

I yarn for your smile and... finally I die for you touch.

I will get to you eventually. I was always lucky at love:) thanks God!.

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