lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011


I am gonna tell you a love story sweetie.

Prior you there were body and soul.

The first always wondered what was missing, it felt light and senseless

The second asumed all along there was nothing missing, after all, she was always free and strong.

The body found you before anyone else, the body heard your laugh, saw your eyes, felt you touch, listen to your voice and taste your lips ad thenhe knew. He found the only thing that make it stronger, braver, smarter and brighter.

The soul had its wandered sometimes your soul. You seemed Ok.. you seemed more than OK.. but it was perfect. She could tolerate being next to you and nevertheless, she would never shared herself with you. She was strong by herself.

There was something missing but, something underneath all. Body and sould kept it well guarded INSIDE. The heart, my heart.

Unreachable, untouchable, body and sould knew that lots of times before heart was destroyed and they wouldn't anything happen to him again. Not like that not this time.

The your heart came, and the love you felt for mine was pure, endless and warm so warm my heart couldn't resist. My body already adore yours...But my soul was indecise. It never happened before.. why this time. why couldn't she fight.

You kidnapped my heart...and kept it with yours.. and never again let it go. That's why sweetheart I can't let you go...because it was my decision, because it is not my power, because I am already yours. Comitted, ENGAGED and in love with you.

So my answer is YES, but you already knew that. You already knew that I was going to marry you right? My heart told in secret... that e was powerful that my stupid body nd my senseless.. that he had the last word in this matter.

My heart told you that the answer was always yes.. Because it always will be. Always YES. For you YES. A love you dear james more than anything in this world, and I wanna be with you forever...even that it will take us forever to find a way of being happy together.

Even if it takes us forever... I will be with you. I promise.

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