miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

Poniendole colores a mi vida

He elegido el azul, el crema y el dorado. Me parecen colores reales con personalidad, con estilo con presencia.

Ha tenido que pasar muchisimo tiempo para que me arme de valentia y pueda plasmar un poco todo lo que revolotea ccual golondrina en verano en mi cabeza.

Canciones, momentos, fotos, recuerdos, sentimientos me agobian cada vez mas no puedo dividirme mas.

Una persona muy sabia y que recientemente se ha vuelto un muy buen amigo mio..Yuri, me dijo que tengo que llevar conmigo mi mente y mi corazon...Mi cuerpo no debe andar solo nowadays.

La vida es esta, MI vida es esta... Esta aqui en 51 Clifton Newark, I am not leaving...no I ain't.

Un poco de Harlem, un poco de Trujillo un poco de Newark se esta quedando conmigo.

Esta horrible y tenebrosa ciudad tiene algo que me fascina. POSIBILIDADES.

Aqui me siento un poco mas valiente, un poco mas confiada.. me siento un poco mas JULIA que Gabriela.

EL amor de mi familia ha creado en mi un increible sentimiento de PODER... lo adquiero de ellos lo acepto en MI.

Ha pasado tanto, tanto este año.. Tanto que lamentablemente algunas de mis so CALLED best friends no entienden, tantoooo pero nunca suficiente.

Me encanta tus arboles de cerezo new Jersey me encanta tu personalidad amenzante pero intrigante, imperfecta pero exacta. The exactly rough start that I was expecting. I like Newark not because is pretty.. I like Newark because in One Gateway Center ... in front of the Penn Station I am starting to decide on my freakin own for the first what I really WANT and AM GONNA do with my life.

I Know now, I am start...I am unbeatable... I am WHat I was always afraid to be.. I am ME.

No shame of being what I am . Not shame of doing what I decide. I deserve this I am gonna take it.. and I am not gonna feel quilty about it... That's it you know... I am gonna love be love... I am gonna yell and be yell at... My true friends are with me.. and I carry them everywhere I go.

Dunno what's crackin with the boy stuff... I know is hella intense, I know is heckaaaaaa annoying cuz my heart is going bum bum even harder by the second.. I am in love.. L O V E. I am truly figuring out that two is really better than one. I wanna marry this dude.. so bad is insane.. I wanna have his children I wanna cooke for him and wait for him ALWAYS. I am waiting, but I ain't sittin.

And to you my so called friend, let me tell you something frontal and clear... you choose what you chose in your own terms, it is you who is blind and don't wanna see more than two steps ahead of you... its gonna damage your heart... cuz is already damaged your mind... You hurt me beyond words... because for you I prayed everyday.. I still do. My friendship is forever but like repetedly posted you have chosen I hoper that your decision won't eat you up. SO long... so goodbye.. My heart is clear my mind is free.

I wanna breath and I wanna feel, I wanna learn so bad.. I wanna smile and look at the sky and feel in my skin the possibility is not far from me.. I look at everybody else and for them seems impossible.. My dad told me and I believe this dude cuz he knows best: You can do anything the impossible... it ain't nothing but a lil tough.

I will freakin catch the butterflies with my hands, I will climb a tree .. I am gonna learn to run.... I am going to be patient.. I am gonna learn to cook... I am gonna do all those things I thought I wouldn't be able to do... Do you know why? Because I know I can.. Because I know.. that I am the only one that can.

Humility goodbye..

Welcome to my life hard work and commitment....

Welcome to my life... USMLE.

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